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Do guys look good in jeans

Their popularity has fluctuated over the last six decades, but all the current evidence points towards men's skinny jeans being here to stay. However, it hasn't been plain sailing for what is now a staple item in most men's wardrobes. The popularity of skinny jeans has dipped in and out of both fashion and favor with consumers and fashion designers alike. Slim fitting denim first became popular in the s with the birth of American rock n roll music and was made popular by icons like Elvis and James Dean.

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How Your Jeans Should Fit

I have multiple reasons behind this, so I thought I would turn it into a blog post. Skinny jeans on men , for me, are the best fit. Another reason that skinny jeans on men look better is because you actually see the shape of the legs, which is highly flattering.

Loose and ill fitting jeans always swamp the body and are not flattering to the male body shape at all. Much like women wearing skinny jeans shows off their figure, it does the exact same thing for men and keeps them looking proportionate.

Skinny jeans on men leave room to show off your footwear choice as well, so if you have some great sneakers, boots, loafers, driving shoes etc, your skinny jeans will show these off perfectly! The pictures I included here of male fashion bloggers really highlight how good they look as they can be worn with anything, as you can see.

I like that the boundaries in fashion are being pushed a lot these days! Let me know your thoughts! I agree pretty much entirely with your thinking about skinny jeans for men and your reasoning particularly as they advertise a good leg shape and show off foot ware. But people come in all shapes and sizes and short and stocky or overweight men do not look good in very skinny jeans.

Overweight females can to some extent get away with skinny or spray on type jeans, but men cannot. Some sort of standard cut, but never boot cut or flared jeans, is more suitable for these types.

Long live skinny and tight jeans for the right legs. If bigger women can wear a good fitting skinny jeans and still look fab, I think guys can do the same. Kind of an edgy look, but uniform. Totally agree Lorna, baggy jeans make almost any man look like a vagrant.

I grew up with Levis of! My god, a singular style of jeans for men, how boring would that be? Doing so would infer that there is nothing better possibly bringing to a halt the innovation and imagination that got us to where we are today. I love the excitement of exploring alternatives and new things and could not be tied down to a singular style of jeans. Wow, did I step in it. Are we talking jeans styles or politics? Never the less, I believe that this is a topic worth deeper discussion.

Now if skinny jeans are the predominant style for men, how would we know? How do we know they are for women? At a fundamental level, just what is a skinny jean. We really need to agree on this our it is merely a philosophical discussion. What would you classify as skinny? I need real data not anecdotal evidence to support dramatic proposals.

This is our opportunity as stylized history maybe watching. But there are different degrees, or variations of skinny jeans.

What you may call Skinny, I may call straight leg jeans. Even myself used to frown upon skin tight jeans. But that was in part due to my own in-security, and the lack of stretch in jeans. But times have changed, as well as my view on men wearing of skin tight jeans.

So the key factor is that most men are too insecure to wear them. Now, do I think that men should only wear skinny Jeans? All that being said, bodies are different, and evebody has their reasons. Jeggings have been my choice of jeans style for a year or so. Being out and about in London is no big deal as pretty much anything goes. I get the comment about guys being insecure and I was apprehensive when I started wearing skinnies out. What got me through that were the girls who served me when I went shopping for them.

They were all very nice and lots made genuine compliments about how good I looked. To continue the debate, as Black Stallion said, many men just lack the self confidence to wear skinny jeans.

Part of that is preconceived prejudices here in the US. Getting their wives, girlfriends or boyfriends to encourage them to try and wear skinny jeans would go a long away. An observational test case would be very useful. I say this because Singapore is geographically small, well educated, relatively well off, stylish, modern, and has demonstrated capabilities in mitigating environmental concerns with respect to wearing skinny jeans.

In hot humid weather, skinny jeans just soak up the sweat. In Singapore, the year round daily temperature range is on the order of 6 or so degrees. Any form of long pants for outdoors in tropical climates is uncomfortable. So shorts tend to rule pity! Where I live Johannesburg the climate is hot in summer at times and cool at night, but never humid. In our winter, such as it is, it is generally cool and sometimes coldish at night.

So one can enjoy skinny jeans the year round, without any sort of climate induced discomfort. In the back of my mind I have a sneaky suspicion that the fashion pendulum will swing, as it always does, and there are ominous sign on the horizon of this, then loose jeans curtains!! Heaven help us!!! So keep up the pressure for tight jeans male and female.

We are relying on you!!!! I have good, shapely legs which are lean. I also maintain a physique which is lean. For me, for some time now it has been skinny jeans and sometimes spray on as well. It feels good, and does not sag, more so at the bottom. A narrow opening stops at the ankle, and makes it convenient to wear sneakers without any socks.

Comfortable while walking, which is difficult with loose, broad openings. No jeans or trousers should ever be loose and baggy, they should fit and be skinny or super skinny. Age hardly matters, if one is fit. I just wish I was more confident when I was younger. But now, I am in love with spray ons, super spray ons, and extreme skinnies. Go to: the-tighter-the-better. Thanks for the supportive article Lorna I echo your same thoughts! Look forward to more such articles from you.

Glad you enjoyed it, Lu! As well as the super skinny fits. Lu, you have hit the nail on the head! Totally spot on article Lorna, I love my skinnies. As a callow youth in the 80s I simply lived in skintight jeans. They were so in fashion and were unisex back then.

The 90s heralded baggy styles and I just hated them. So when the skinny jeans started appearing I just had to revisit my youth and get a pair. They felt soooooo good on and I loved how they looked. Skintight waist down to the knees, then a little less so to the ankle but still real narrow. My biggest challenge is finding footwear to match. Do you have any suggestions? Hi James! It depends on your personal style, but loafers, driving shoes, low top trainers, that kind of thing is always good!

Glad you like skinny jeans too, a lot of guys opt for jeggings actually! I use them for athleisure wear, or going to the gym. But I like the way the real track leggings for. And like Henry said, the front pockets are often not working to keep it slimline. Thanks for replying Lorna. But guess what? One pair are a cranberry colour, the other bright red. Now it comes back to me…..

Pineapple Dance Shop used to sell them in the 80s but like lots of things, they went out of fashion. How could I have forgotten these?! I enjoy wearing thick soled creepers with secret socks, white or black. I think they go so well with the tightest of jeans.

Jeans Will Instantly Give Your Look A Timeless Cool; Here’s How To Wear Them

In , I had a meeting with the leading fashion trend-forecasting group WGSN, where the headlining conversation was around carrot top jeans being the next big thing. First I questioned what they were, and when receiving the answer, asked 'why on earth? The dilemma with fashion trends today is much of it is aimed at the youth market, and gentlemen looking to refresh their decade-old wardrobes get caught between a rock and a hard place when discerning a trend or an appropriate garment for their age.

I have multiple reasons behind this, so I thought I would turn it into a blog post. Skinny jeans on men , for me, are the best fit.

And if we are lucky enough to be with you, your jeans, and nothing else one night, will we physically have the strength to shimmy them off without looking like an idiot? They like tight jeans. So when we see a fun color like green or pink, we get very jealous. As it stands, the typical male jean colors are blue, black, gray, and beige. So I guess that explains everything.

11 Things Guys Think About Your Jeans

Why is this a bad look? Because you lose the shape of your body in that volume of fabric. It makes your legs look bigger and fatter than they actually are. For some of you, wearing clothes that fit you properly might feel a little alien. But how well do think you can run in them? I prefer to use the words fitted or tailored. But even that can be a little confusing. Overall fit: Your jeans should fit your waist without needing a belt. It should fit close to your body but not be skin tight.

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You know when not to wear jeans, and what brands are worth your attention, and that you can actually, officially wash them please god, wash them. But do you know what your girlfriend, female friends, or random ladies on the street are thinking when they see you in your jeans? They have some thoughts. Here are a few.

Rather than focusing on formalities, dressing casually is about finding the right balance between comfort, individuality, and style — think fashionable yet functional outfits. The freedom and flexibility of the casual dress code can be a little overwhelming.

But sadly, there are guys who feel like that's okay. Just how uncomfortable can those trousers be? Their build involves a lowering of the crotch area — which makes your legs appear shorter than they are.

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Customer Service. If you follow these short man style tips, your height will never be the first thing people notice about you. Let's get one thing out of the way: there's nothing wrong with being a shorter man.

Keep reading for expert advice on finding jeans that fit, as well as before-and-after denim looks. Dump the frumpy look and upgrade to a more flattering cut for your calves and thighs. Stylist Talleda R. A key rule is to avoid styles that are too tight. S kinny jeans can make you look disproportionate.

The Best-Fitting Jeans For Your Build


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