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Join a team challenge and aim to complete your Stand, Move, and Exercise rings. Stack up your points to earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals. Go for the gold! Lights sneakers from the 90s?

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How can I share FitOn with my friends & family?

Social Media. Over and over again, research has shown that one of the best ways to help you want to stick to your workout plan or new diet is involving other people in your plans. Social media fitness apps may be one of the best ways to do this, but you need to find the app that works best for you! We lesser mortals have to call on our powers of self-motivation and discipline to trudge the few Read More , countless articles, and even subreddits dedicated to fitness.

While there may be some overlap between these categories, each app does tend to focus on one of these aspects, with its other functionalities take a back seat. Hopefully this list will enable you to find the app that will most easily integrate into your individual lifestyle, and help you to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

There is no replacing the relationships that you have with your friends and family. For this reason, these individuals can be some of your best supports throughout any significant lifestyle changes that you make. Social media apps that focus on using these relationships to improve success can be some of the most powerful in changing your habits, and can also be a lot of fun! Fitbit is one of the most widely used app that connects wirelessly to an electronic pedometer now available in multiple styles with a wide range of functions!

While apps dedicated to fitness and healthy living are able to provide a number of great features, if no one else you know is using them they can fall short of their original purpose.

If you want to stay engaged with your real-life friends, but they are not interested in using healthy living apps themselves, then choosing to connect an app with your existing social media accounts is a great way to still involve them in your goal setting, progress, and successes. Now, there is a caveat to this — people posting their fitness activities on general social media networks can be a pet peeve for a number of users.

Consider making a Facebook friends list specific for those that you want to be involved in your fitness activities, and sharing your updates only to them. Read More that are helpful for your training. It allows you to share the completion of your runs through Facebook, Twitter or Path. As wonderful as it can be to have support from your existing friends and family, there are a lot of situations in which being able to work out with a community of individuals that you do not know is a better fit.

These apps do take more individual dedication than those that involve your off-line friends. After all, the motivation of an online community is only effective if you choose to stay engaged. Similarly, the level of interaction and investment that you put into an online community generally dictates the benefits you will receive from using the app.

Apps such as PumpUp are designed specifically for those who love talking about their workouts on social media and who also enjoy being inspired by the accomplishments of others. The interface of PumpUp looks as it resembles Instagram in both its appearance and functionality, but it features three different feeds.

You can track your exercise with the app, and post photos with descriptions to share with your followers. Apps that are intended to create a community amongst like-minded people who may never meet otherwise are a fantastic resource for those looking to make changes in their lifestyles. They are a great choice if you love using social media to connect, and are interested in sharing your fitness activities with others who will understand your progress. However, the kind of app that works best for you will depend on the kind of social connections that best fit your lifestyle and personality.

Apart from the social fitness apps we have listed above, you might also want to check out a few fitness-related Chrome extensions 11 Chrome Extensions That Help You Stay Healthy at a Desk Job A desk job can be deadly for your health. These Chrome extensions can force you to take a health break with timely reminders. Read More for more. Having outside social influences can be one of the determining factors in how successful you are in implementing an exercise program or lifestyle change over time.

If you play your cards right, you can even go so far as to become a social media influencer yourself in the fitness community. Explore more about: Fitness , Health.

Your email address will not be published. I use it to track my weight and daily caloric intake along with posting pics. I tried just about every app and couldn't find one that simply logs workouts, and could connect to friends. I did finally find a website that looks and acts like an app on my phone, but they don't seem to have an app. Maybe that is a good thing because it doesn't take any space, but does anyone know of an app that is similar to [Broken URL Removed] where you can log workouts and connect to your friends?

I don't want a bunch of videos, or any other garbage. Just a simple way to log my workouts and see my friends workouts. Thanks for letting me know about this site, Curtis!

PumpUp on this list might be the closest to what you are looking for that I can come up with off the top of my head? Curtis I saw a website but looks like they are implementing new features as the last time I used it was the beta test. It's called globofit. There's also TheFitlyApp! You can download it on IOS or Android once they launch in your city to find workout partners!

It's a great way to network and meet new friends while keeping me motivated to go to the gym! Belen, I'm so sorry I just saw this now - I love it! That's such a great idea - it's so frustrating to try and get everyone in a family or friend group to use the same tracker and this app totally solves that problem!

I think the only thing that all of these apps are missing is peer-to-peer communication. When it comes to fitness for me personally, I always work better when I'm physically with someone who shares the same goals as I do. I just started using this app called fitssi, and I feel so much better not having to check my phone midway through my workouts to see how many steps i've taken.

All pretty awesome apps i must say. One that has tweaked my interest is Active-Mate! It looks like a cross between a Health and Fitness app and a Social Connection app. I think it may take off!!! Thanks so much for the suggestion! I'll be sure to check into that one - just from looking at its description, I love that it combines your geographic location with detailed profiles Great ones, Jessica! Self-Isolation and Quarantine Lockdown Tips. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article?

Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Steve Johnson. I use an app called Outwork. I can post pics and keep track of everything I do. Briallyn Smith. Marcus Davenport. Viktoria Buhtarevich. Thanks Viktoria! It's great to know about that one :. M Regan. That's another great one!! Thanks for adding it to the list :.

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5F – Free app to Find Fitness Friends

HooFit with Friends. You can see your daily steps, calories and distance. Walking is fun when there is motivation from your buddies. So in HooFit, you can invite your friends and challenge them.

Social Media. Over and over again, research has shown that one of the best ways to help you want to stick to your workout plan or new diet is involving other people in your plans. Social media fitness apps may be one of the best ways to do this, but you need to find the app that works best for you!

Best Overall: My Fitness Pal. Best for Apple Watch: Zones for Training. Best for Monitoring Nutrition: Fooducate. Best for Beginners: Sworkit. Best for Meditation: Headspace.

7 Tips – and Apps! – for Long-Distance Fitness Buddies

Now you can turn your daily workouts into a friendly competition with BattleFit. The universal app runs on iOS 6. In BattleFit you will find a four different levels of workouts available, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Custom. Each level contains eleven different workouts you can do. The concept behind the app is for users to make the workouts competitive. The developers feel that we all will achieve more if we have a specific goal to beat. With BattleFit you can compete against yourself or friends even if you are not working out together. Users can track how they do in each phase and enter the final result. The app tracks those workouts so you know what you have to beat each time you do the same exercise again.

The 10 Best Fitness Apps to Download in 2020

Trying to get fit? Lose It! If you want a web-based fitness community to get you motivated, this one is a must to try. Visit Lose It! Similar to Lose It!

Finding Fitness Pals has never been easier.

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The 42 Best Health and Fitness Apps

Stridekick connects to a variety of fitness trackers so you can compete with your friends no matter which device they use. No problem. Connect using your smartphone or enter your steps manually.

But while we may only be working out our thumbs, our phones can help us lead healthier, happier lives — we just need to know the right apps to download. Before you fall down the rabbit hole that is the app store, check out our list of the best health and fitness apps. We tested out hundreds before whittling it down to 42 that are worth checking out. We asked a number of questions to determine if each app we tested should appear on our list. Is it highly rated? Does it offer something unique?

Connect a fitness tracker and compete in free step challenges on Stridekick

One of my closest friends lives over miles away. While we used to be neighbors, our lives have taken very different paths. Luckily we see each once or twice a year, and the rest of the year we text good-bye emails! While we're both healthy, we'd both like to be more fit: and neither one of us likes the gym. You can customize your workout time — we typically choose minute workouts Longer than 10, but less than psychologically it works for us! Texting, SnapChat and selfies can help share your progress. And many apps like Sworkit or FitBit have built-in tools to track your fitness goals with one or more friends. Find an exercise app that works on both your smartphones, and has built-in friend updates.

The HooFit app integrates with Google Fit and fitness devices such as Fitbit and Garmin. Invite Friends. Walking is fun when there is motivation from your buddies.

When you're a kid, nearly everything you do can be fueled by healthy competition, whether you're on the playground or in the classroom. As you get older and the stakes get higher, competing gets a little more tiresome. But it might be just what your workout routine needs. A September study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that adding a competitive or game-like element to tracking exercise with a wearable device increased the amount of time participants spent being physically active. With that in mind, here are a few apps that can put the fun back into your workouts by sparking some healthy competition.

But which fitness community is best, and therefore which device is the right choice? Instead Strava will connect with practically any device, or you can just use your phone. With 48 million users and 1 million joining a month at the moment, chances are you know someone already using it. The service is free with paid-for Summit upgrades offering extended analysis, smart training or safety.

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