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Girl meets world high school fanfiction

I am walking down the street on my way to my best friend Riley's apartment like I did all the time but today is different. Today is our first day of high school and my stomach has so many god damn butterflies. I'm so nerves for high school but don't tell anyone that or I will break you! So, I reach Riley's apartment and I buzz up like 30 times because it is extremely cold and windy outside today. I almost got blown over.

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The story idea I told you about? That did not happen until September last year where I went to New York for an internship for 4 months. Lucas invites all his friends over to Texas for the summer again before their second year of High School and he invites Josh spontaneously , too. But is it really that good of an idea or will Josh and Maya just confuse themselves even more and what will Texas do again to the relationship between Rucas and the group in general?

They just finished their freshman year at high school. Riley followed suit. It was still new for Maya to call Shawn her dad, but she was slowly getting used to it and she liked it, because Shawn truthfully was her dad for her.

No one else. Cory pouts at Maya while Riley nods in agreement. Riley and Maya looked at each other and then at Cory and shook their head. We are you two just a bit older. Maya and Zay both stated, "Gross. Cory looked in disbelief at the boys and the girls. I have vacation, too. That means including vacation from you crazy ones or at least I hoped so. Riley blushed and leaned into him while the two girls looked confused at the boys. He misses us and I thought it would be a great oppurtunity to spend the summer, since non of us really had plans anyway.

This would be great? Another vacation with all of us! Maya shook her head and told her, "Yeah another disaster. Remember what happened last time? Last time it almost broke them up and I talked to Pappy Joe.

As if he would. But none of the teams said. The blonde opened her mouth to say something as the door went open again and this time Josh walked through the door with his laundry bag over his shoulder what made Maya giggle and point at him.

It was already bad enough that his daughter was together with the Cowboy now even though he knew that Lucas was a good guy. But his brother and the best friend of his daughter? This would just be weird. Josh on the other hand was looking confused at the blonde while naturally plopping down besides her, his arm over the couch, not quiet resting over her shoulder yet. Some time without Josh would do the blonde some good.

Farkle seemed to like the idea, too. Josh on the other hand looked shocked at them. That made even Cory look confused at him while Maya seemed flustered, but at the same time confused. Lucas now stood up and asked him, "Why do you think that? Maya on the other hand looked very interested at Josh, while standing up to and putting a hand on his arm. Why do YOU think that? Josh looked at the beautiful blonde girl in front of him who he was slowly deloping feelings for. Things were going so good for them in a friendship way.

They were texting a lot and it seemed like Someday was a really good idea, but- Josh swallowed not replying as Riley walked behind Maya. Josh had to tell Maya himself. Zay and Farkle seemed to know what was this about, too and just smirked. While on the other hand Cory looked completely confused at his little brother. Maya definitely had to go to Texas with these guys and far far away from Josh for a while in his opinion. They did not expect that at all. Josh could come with us.

Right, Lucas? Feeny is not that boring, okay?! Lucas got the hint and nodded while Cory wanted to open his mouth adn this time Farkle interrupted, "Yeah and he could make sure that Riley and Lucas would do no funny businesses. I mean do you really want to leave us all alone in Texas again after what happened? Josh seemed really concerned about that. Would he really go with them to Texas? For her or because of something else?

Was she right with what she thought or was this all a terrible idea. She did not want to go to Texas, but the thought of a vacation with Josh Scared her. Cory seemed to think about what his daughter and Farkle said and then slowly nodded, pointing at Josh again. You are going to Texas with them to make sure that there are no funny businesses involved, but -" And this time he also pointed at Maya. He had to talk to his brother and to Shawn finally about the whole situation. You want to come to Texas with us?

The younger Matthews brother looked first at Riley, then at Lucas at Cory and finally his gaze fell onto Maya who was waiting for his answer, too. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Gabrie xoxo Summary: Lucas invites all his friends over to Texas for the summer again before their second year of High School and he invites Josh spontaneously , too.

At the Matthews apartment "Summer break! This is not your apartment. Yay :D The fun is just getting started! If you did like it, let me know in the comments below! Funny you say that 3. Flight 4. Arrival 5. Important talks? Drama 7. Oh oh 8. The Day after the Disaster 9. Ruined In the Hospital At Night Good News The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 4. And the truth may be more than she can bear. It's Always You by boredandbinging reviews When an opportunity arises in New York, Lucas must decide if he'll take it and everything the city has to offer, or if he'll stay in Texas to protect his own heart.

Hey everyone! Here's a new story for ya'. I'm hoping I can find the will power and creativity to update this more than my other two projects, especially that I basically have a plot laid down for this fic.

Hello guys, here I bring you my new story, I swear it will be better in the next chapters, I think this was an intro and i don't like it so much but oh well. I put some spoilers that i've seen from Season 3 but nothing too revealing tbh, just some quotes. Indeed everything stopped, but not for good. It was now September and since June they had been dealing with their feelings and honestly Maya was tired. She believed that High School was for change and she wanted nothing more than to change this mess they were in.

I recently binge-watched GMW and got inspired! This story continues on directly after Girl Meets Goodbye and will follow them through high school and college. As Riley and Maya sit in their favorite chairs at Topanga's, Riley puts her hand over Maya's hands in her lap and says, "Promise me this,". You and I are together for as long as we live. The girls stand and Lucas, Farkle, Smackle and Zay all run up and surround them in a big group hug which ends in all of them falling to the ground while laughing hysterically. The girls' parents smile at the sight of their kids happiness. Cory shoots straight up out of his chair, takes in a huge breath and shakes out a long, exaggerated, "Yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! At this point, everyone in the cafe turns to look at Cory's outburst. Riley and Maya turn to each other and scream, "Yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! They start jumping up and down as the rest of their friends come back together for a group hug.

Maya could hear the loving discourse of the Matthews household even from outside the door. Riley was talking animatedly, and her parents were trying to calm her down. Maya smiled to herself, taking a deep breath before she walked through the door she knew would always be open. The family looked up at its surrogate member, all with smiles, but none bigger than Riley's.

It is not even the beginning of the end.

With her small microphone and laptop ready, Riley took a deep breath and channeled her excitement. Here we are for another round of school. Since she was sitting on the steps of one of the side entrances to the school building, she had a perfect view of the courtyard.

They had been dating for six months now. She wasn't going to answer that question. He went to the same high school?

It had been 1 year since they graduated college. She hadn't seen any of her friends, besides Maya when they all went their seperate ways after high school. Maya worked at a museum, helping to restore paintings, mostly in the Russian turn of the century department but, she was hoping to move out of it soon. Riley was hoping for Maya to get their first, so she would have someone easy to converse with. Or, she was hoping that they met somewhere that served wine. She shook our her long curls, adjusted her black, flowy baby doll dress and jean jacket.

The episode Girl Meets Forgiveness never happened in this fanfic. Saving that one for later. Maya looked at the painting in front of her. It was just a canvas covered with black paint from corner to corner. It had been six months since she had transferred to her new High School. Da Vinci Academy. A school dedicated to Science and Arts.

Aug 16, - Girl Meets High School "Riley we aren't Kings anymore this is a new world for us to find ourselves" Maya said and she shoved her hands in.

They had been sophomores for two weeks and Riley couldn't believe that Maya had done something so crazy that it landed all six of them in Saturday detention at the same time. She couldn't help but be angry at her best friend for causing it, Riley didn't want anything bad on her permanent record. The memory of the D she had gotten in Spanish still haunted her even though she had pulled up her grade in the long run. Riley turned around and looked at a spot on the wall, she thought about hiding in the hole but it was pointless.

I know that making them both wait is complicating their friendship," Lucas replied. Zay and Lucas were at Topanga's sitting in their regular seats around the coffee table while they talked about how Lucas felt toward Maya and Riley. All of them just recently graduated from 8th grade and they were now officially on summer break.

We need to do our jobs…" One of the nurses said holding Katy back. Katy had ridden in the ambulance with Maya while Shawn and the rest of the kids were not far behind riding in Shawn's pickup truck. Katy was in a complete state of shock when she had found Maya in the bathtub. So many questions and thoughts were constantly ringing in the back of her mind.

It was yet again time for Riley's alarm clock to go off at an ungodly hour. After a lovely three month break, Riley's alarm clock was back to work full time making sure that she got up at 7AM each and every weekday.

The story idea I told you about? That did not happen until September last year where I went to New York for an internship for 4 months. Lucas invites all his friends over to Texas for the summer again before their second year of High School and he invites Josh spontaneously , too. But is it really that good of an idea or will Josh and Maya just confuse themselves even more and what will Texas do again to the relationship between Rucas and the group in general? They just finished their freshman year at high school.

I'm not sure how long the story will be since I'm also working on another big story, but I figured why not take a crack at it and write about I show I love. Anyway, here's the first chapter and review if you want me to continue. Riley Matthews lay sound asleep in her bed, holding the blankets close to her as she was dreaming something magical, something wonderful, something exquisite—she dreamt she was on the same boat as none other than the movie star Leonardo DiCaprio. They were heading to one of the exotic islands that existed, and Riley had only hoped and dreamed Leonardo would ask her to join him. She saw him turn around in his boat, Riley using the fan she had in her hand to fan herself.


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