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How can i bring my boyfriend to uk

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Start your personalised immigration advice session to receive the answers and information you need. It can be extended for another 30 months if you meet certain eligibility conditions. To apply for a Marriage Visa, you must be married to, or in a civil partnership with a British citizen, UK settled person or UK refugee. The main eligibility criteria include providing proof that you are in a genuine relationship and that you meet specific financial conditions. Get in touch with our immigration lawyers to receive professional advice on your Marriage Visa case and learn how you can live in this country with your partner if he or she is a UK citizen.



Get your UK spouse or partner visa the easy way

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We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. You can find out more or opt-out from some cookies. If you have the right to live in the UK permanently, you can apply for your partner to come and live with you.

They have to be either:. Your partner can apply from outside the UK. They can also apply from inside the UK as long as they:. If your visa expires between 24 January and 31 May , you must contact the Home Office. You need to be earning a certain amount, or have enough savings, in order to bring your partner to the UK to live. The amount depends on who you're applying for. If your income is less than you need, you can use cash savings to meet the financial requirement.

The savings must have been in your name for 6 months or more. Josh is applying for a visa to bring his husband and child to the UK.

The extra amount is 2. If your partner is currently working in the UK, their earnings will count too. Read full details about meeting the financial requirement on GOV. You won't need to meet this financial requirement if you have one or more of the following benefits:.

How much this will be depends on your individual circumstances. This is known as the Immigration Health Surcharge. You can find out more about Immigration Health Surcharge on. Before their visa runs out they can renew it for another 2 years and 6 months. If they renew it, they can apply to settle in the UK after a total of 5 years.

Their visa will last for 6 months - they must marry you or become your civil partner before this ends if they want to stay in the UK. They can then apply as your partner for leave to remain for 2 years and 6 months. At the end of this, they can extend it again for the same length of time.

If they meet the requirements of these visas, they can apply to settle in the UK after a total of 5 years. You can fill in the application form for your partner - you must do this online using the links above. The application has to be in their name, not yours. As part of the application process, they must have their biometrics taken fingerprints and photograph.

Check where their nearest visa application centre is before you apply, because it might be in a different country. Every document will need to be in the exact format the application asks for.

For example, this could include documents that show that you:. You can find their nearest visa application centre on GOV.

Your partner will then have to submit all their documents and evidence for their application to be processed. Your partner will need to apply for a family visa on GOV. Biometric appointments are cancelled in the UK and most places around the world. You can appeal, but only if you can prove the decision makes it impossible for you to be together. You can:. Your partner will get a permit that allows them to come to the UK during a day period.

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England This advice applies to England: England home Advice can vary depending on where you live. Your rights to live, work and study in the UK will change after 31 December You could also switch to a visa that allows you to stay after 31 May Example Josh is applying for a visa to bring his husband and child to the UK.

Coronavirus - family permit and visa applications Biometric appointments are cancelled in the UK and most places around the world. Did this advice help? Yes No. Why wasn't this advice helpful? It isn't relevant to my situation. It doesn't have enough detail. I can't work out what I should do next. I don't understand. You've reached the character limit. Thank you, your feedback has been submitted. Page last reviewed: 11 June In this section. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Print this page.

New Zealand family immigration: spouse and de facto partner visas

The Unmarried Partner visa category is for long term partners of British citizens or persons with indefinite leave to remain in the UK, who wish to join, or stay with their partner in the UK. You can also apply if your partner is outside the UK, but intending to return to the UK with you. The exact requirements you will need to satisfy will vary depending on your circumstances.

There are a variety of relationships that qualify in this regard, so you should never feel put off from investigating your options just because your relationship is non-traditional. You can apply for this visa if you are married to a British citizen or a person who has a right to live and work or settlement status in the UK i.

If you plan to marry, are married to, or are in a committed relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you may be able to obtain a partner-based visa for immigration to Australia. This means that your sponsor will provide a written statement pledging to support you for your first two years in Australia, including accommodation and financial assistance to meet reasonable living needs. Family migration applicants are assessed on an individual basis by the Australian immigration authorities, and are assessed against Australia's health and character requirements. Remaining relative This visa is for people who are the only members of their family left outside Australia, apart from young children. If you are married, your spouse must also be without close relatives, either in your present country, or in any other overseas country.

Marriage Visitor visa

Client feedback: Facebook testimonials: over Join us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Visa application forms are available for download from the official government websites free of charge. Use our contact form for a free marriage visa eligibility assessment. The process of obtaining an immigrant visa for your prospective spouse or de facto partner to come to New Zealand does not work the same way as in other countries. In New Zealand, however, an eligible sponsor can only bring a foreign partner or spouse into the country on a residence visa, or in some cases, on a special category work or visitor visa issued under the partnership policy.

Can my Unmarried Partner join me in the UK?

If you are looking to settle in the UK, you will need to contact a UK based attorney.. We will go over the pros and cons of each option, and try to give some insight to what to expect for each that will help you make the right decisions. This visa allows the US citizen to spend no more than 6 months in the United Kingdom. This generally takes between 7 and 10 months.

Please note: The Department of State assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the entities or individuals whose names appear on the following lists. Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department or the U.

Being married or in a civil partnership to your British or settled partner is not the only way, to join him or her in the UK. The UK Immigration Rules allow for the unmarried partners of at least two years of persons in various immigration categories in the UK, to join their partners in the UK. If your partner is a British citizen, you will have to fulfil the financial requirement. If the partner present and settled in the UK is the holder of an Ancestry Visa or an EU national, you will not need to fulfil the minimum income criteria.

UK Fiance / Fiancee Visa

If your course is six months or longer, you may be able to apply for your family to join you in the UK. If you are applying for a course which does not meet the requirements for example, a presessional English course , your family will not be able to join you; but if you move on to a course which does meet the requirements for example, a 12 months masters course they can then apply to join you. The immigration rules state that both parents must be legally present in the UK.

We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. You can find out more or opt-out from some cookies. If you have the right to live in the UK permanently, you can apply for your partner to come and live with you. They have to be either:. Your partner can apply from outside the UK.

International Students

The Unmarried Partner visa also known as the UK defacto visa allows the unmarried partner to enter or remain in the UK on the basis that they are in a relationship with a person who is present and 'settled in the UK'. The Unmarried Partner visa applies to both heterosexual and same sex relationships provided that you can prove that your relationship is subsisting and has been in existence for two or more years. If your application for an unmarried partner visa is successful you will be eligible to work in the UK as soon as the visa is granted. The unmarried partner visa will be initially issued for a period of 33 months if applying from overseas or 30 months if applying from within the UK. A further extension must be sought for an additional 30 months to take you to five years. If you are seeking to enter the UK on the basis of your relationship with a 'settled person' you must apply for entry clearance before you enter the UK.

Some Tier 4 students are eligible to bring family to the UK as a visa dependant. The following Applying from overseas as a Tier 4 dependant. When to apply.

Please contact the International Student Office for further advice. If your husband, wife, civil partner or unmarried partner is applying as your dependant the relationship must be genuine and subsisting at the time of application and you must intend to live together throughout your stay in the UK. For children to be eligible for a dependant visa, it is a requirement that both parents need to be in the UK or coming to the UK. There are few exceptions to this requirement. Families who cannot meet this requirement will need to evidence the 'serious and compelling' reasons why the child should be with you in the UK, or that you have 'sole responsibility' for the child, and that you have made suitable arrangements for the child's care.

Australian Family Visas

We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. You do not need a Marriage Visitor visa to convert your civil partnership into a marriage - you can apply for a Standard Visitor visa.


If you are going to submit a UK unmarried partner visa application in — this article is perfect for you! Check that the UK unmarried partner visa is right for you and your partner. Since Sarah and Jack have lived with each other for longer than two years she can consider applying for a UK unmarried partner visa. Sarah does not currently have a UK visa and must therefore make the application from outside the UK.





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