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How to find a doula london

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What the hell does a doula do anyway? Always a good conversation starter in my East London Hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga classes. Well what they do, kinda depends on you and what you want. A good doula will have no agenda.

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Labour Support Options

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Our Birth doulas in Surrey provide expert support through pregnancy, birth and the early immediate postnatal time. Our postnatal doulas work with families in the few months after the baby is born, to offer emotional and practical support in the home.

Some doulas offer both birth and postnatal support in Surrey. The support we offer helps you to be help you to have the birth, and become the mother you want to be. It provides a calming, supportive and helping presence to meet your needs. We have a range of doulas for all mums-to-be and new mums whether that be first time, second time, third or fourth time! We have all the doula services in Surrey you need to help you in your journey to becoming a mum. Book your free doula consultation today!

Having a postnatal doula can increase and maintain breastfeeding rates as well as boost the confidence of mothers in 11 different areas including their physical recuperation, self-care and baby care. Are you worried about the birth process? Are you looking for advocacy, information, and hands on support to help you have a calm birth?

Studies suggest that having a doula decreases c-section rate and use of epidural, as well as decreasing the length of labour. The support our doulas give, both practical and emotional, can decrease stress in labour, helping you feel calmer and more in control. Our doulas can help you with birthing positions, massage, cheerleading, advocacy and more! Are you looking for emotional support during or after the birth of your baby?

The emotional support our doulas offer you during, and after birth is priceless. They will listen to your needs, provide a non-judgemental supportive ear and signpost if they think you require further support. Our doulas can help you feel supported during labour, easing the emotional experience and helping you to feel in control. After birth, doulas can provide exactly what you need in terms of support, to mother your way! Do you want someone to support you practically during or after the birth of your baby?

Someone who is an expert in childbirth and the postnatal period? Someone who will support you, the mother, as well as ensuring baby and family are well? Our doulas provide practical support, whether that be cooking and light cleaning after birth, or advocating for you in the labour process. The support offered will be dictated by you and your needs, so contact us to book in your free initial consultation.

We have a range of locations across Surrey, Sussex and London. A birth doula supports the women and family both before and during the birth. Whatever your plan for birth, we can support you. Our doulas are experienced supporting c-sections, natural birth, water births, inductions and more. Before the birth, our doula will meet with you at least twice, to get to know each other, discuss concerns and birth preferences.

We will travel to you when you go into labour, if possible prior to the transfer to place of birth. We can provide information, support, advocacy and more to help you have a calm birth and feel empowered. A postnatal doula fundamentally serves you in your home with your new baby as your make the transition to motherhood and recover from the birth. A postnatal doula has a lot of experience with new mothers and babies, and can therefore be a brilliant source of reassurance, support, information and encouragement when a new mother feels overwhelmed or anxious.

We are willing and flexible helpers, supporting a new family emotionally and practically by helping with light housework, laundry, tidying up, emptying dishwasher etc. We will make sure a new mother is well-fed and watered, well-rested we can watch the baby whilst you sleep well-supported and well-informed with up to date information about the issues that often concern new mothers.

Many of our postnatal doulas are happy to perhaps supervise a toddler for a while, accompany you to appointments, help you with babywearing, feeding, settling and bathing your baby. We really make the mother our top priority and will be guided by her requests and needs each day. Zara is by far the best money I have ever spent. She helped me achieve the birth of my dreams, I could never have done it without her. Whilst she was amazing during the birth with aromatherapy oils, massage and a rebozo etc, she was even more incredible before in the lead up to help me and my husband get into the right state of mind.

Her support, both practical and emotional, was invaluable in the first few weeks after the birth of our first baby. Her intuitive approach makes it so easy; she just knows what can best be done to help out and does it perfectly, with the added benefit of taking away some mental burden for a few precious hours.

I particularly valued her professional knowledge and expertise in childcare which she shared in a way that made me feel confident and happy in my development as a first time mum. Lena is amazingly supportive as a postnatal doula. Lena helped us out enormously in our home, whether it was playing for our three-year old boy or helping with our newborn.

She is so caring and supportive and so helpful, she knew exactly what needed doing and just did it! I would recommend Lena without a doubt as a postnatal doula, whether it be for a first baby, second or third! To book a birth or postnatal doula in Surrey, get in contact with our team. We have a wide range of doulas, to suit your needs and personality. Our doulas are Doula UK members and are trained to the highest level. So however you plan on becoming a mother, we are here to support you.

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How to Find a Doula in London

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Our Birth doulas in Surrey provide expert support through pregnancy, birth and the early immediate postnatal time. Our postnatal doulas work with families in the few months after the baby is born, to offer emotional and practical support in the home. Some doulas offer both birth and postnatal support in Surrey. The support we offer helps you to be help you to have the birth, and become the mother you want to be.

Doulas in the UK

Research shows that labour support is important for women, not only in order to have a positive birth experience, it is equally important for a healthy birth outcome for both mother and baby. There are many different labour support options available:. Birth doulas provide continuous, emotional and physical comfort, support and encouragement to mothers and their partners throughout their labour and birth experience. A Cochrane Review of continuous labour support, "from a person who is present solely to provide support, is not a member of the woman's own network, is experienced in providing labour support, and has at least a modest amount of training such as a doula " 2 found the following outcomes for women and their babies 2. They found no harms 2 :. Doula services are not covered by Ontario's Health Insurance, however, they may be covered by private insurance. Some doulas may also offer decreased fees based on ability to pay. Doulas can provide support during several different times of life transitions. For more information about doulas or to find a certified doula in London or Middlesex County please go to the following websites:.

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Doulas will be experienced in childcare particularly with babies as well as being willing to assist in household duties and the general running of the home. Need a Doula? Send us your Maternity Requirements. The word "doula" comes from the ancient Greek word meaning "a woman who serves".

There is, it seems, a celebrity trend towards natural birth.

Want a positive birth? You should hire a doula! Each year, around , babies are born in the UK and yet, I estimate that less than 1 per cent were supported by a doula Did you know about these birth myths?

Find My Doula

Education Inspiration Support. Antenatal and Birth preparation workshop Attract More Clients! What would you like to do?


DONA International doulas are held to the highest professional standards. Doula Type Certification. Erica Sebring, Bradley Instructor and Doula elsebring gmail. BJ Kivell kivells cogeco. Vanessa Cory yourstrulydoula gmail. Chris Dorman mydoulachris gmail.

You can do this! We can doula you.

You are about to embark on an incredible adventure. One that takes all your attention, all your focus and all your love. You find yourself here, in this moment. Curious about what it might be like to be supported by Doula Care London. Perhaps a friend sent you on a doula quest. Maybe your instincts have lead you here to explore options and learn about doula support.

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My role as a doula is nurturing you and your family in the way that makes you most comfortable, making sure you feel looked after so you can in turn look after your baby at your best and enjoy the postnatal period. My goal is supporting you in the delicate, and often overwhelming transition to parenthood. Helping you to acknowledge your successes, find options and possible solutions to challenges and build your confidence as a parent. I offer an active listening ear and practical help.

Find A Doula That Covers Your Area

This guide has been created to show you how to find a doula in London. So, why do people hire a doula? Studies have found that having the continuous support of a doula during birth can be associated with improved maternal and foetal health and well being. Many women describe how important the emotional and physical support of a doula was during their labour.

How can I find a doula to attend my birth?

Pregnancy and birth are amazing journeys, but some parents feel they could benefit from the continuous support of somebody they know, with experience of the birthing environment. With an NCT doula, you can have support by your side every step of the way. Pregnancy can feel like a step into the unknown, especially for first time mums. How you are cared for during this important time can have a lasting impact on you and your family.

In September , my husband and I met with joy the news that we would become parents the following May. In early Spring , as the due date was approaching, we decided to look for the support of a post-natal doula, an idea widely recommended to parents, like us, who live in London with no supporting families.

Nike and Kayla have nearly 20 years of doula experience between them and are qualified to support the full range of birth, postnatal and night doula services. Prior to becoming a doula, Nike was employed in an administrative role in the investment banking sector in London's business world whilst Kayla was working her way around the globe as a maternity nurse. Both Nike and Kayla have sons of varying ages and these outgoing, forward thinking, professional, fun loving, family women live just a short walk away from each other. Their passion is to be present at births supporting both the midwives and the labouring women, then watching couples flourish into families.

Find a Doula


Find A Doula


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