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How to find a husband in abuja episode 4

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Scrolling through Instagram, one of the first posts I came across was by an online friend. I scrolled to look at her pictures and my laughter must have distracted Shola, my colleague, sitting at the opposite desk. She raised her head from the document in her hand and glared at me. I rolled my eyes and returned them to the screen of my Apple iPhone X.

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Scrolling through Instagram, one of the first posts I came across was by an online friend. I scrolled to look at her pictures and my laughter must have distracted Shola, my colleague, sitting at the opposite desk. She raised her head from the document in her hand and glared at me. I rolled my eyes and returned them to the screen of my Apple iPhone X. Something else caught my attention as I scrolled through my Instagram feed. It was Yeyedu.

She had just posted her proposal pictures online. Not out of joy or excitement…naah. What is this world turning into? Are you not happy for her? Oh, I am used to her.

The lady never smiles, perhaps her situation must have imprinted a stoic look on her face. I made a mental note to get the kind of dress she had worn.

I looked up to see Shola still scowling at me. Wait oh. Are we not done with this conversation? I thought, then dropped my phone on the table and turned to faced her. Before she gets married to her heartthrob? Why are you so bent on making everyone be like you sef? My hand flew to my crystal heart necklace. Okay, wait. It was obvious Shola was looking for who to pour her frustration on. But I needed to make my point clear. I almost gave the air chop knuckle at my comeback.

I had successfully lashed back, and she knew I was referring to her terrible situation. But instead of replying, she returned to typing furiously on the Apple MacBook before her. We had an exquisite cafeteria but I had a reason for going out to eat and at the end of the month, I knew I was going to achieve that goal. I tagged it, project get a husband. My name is Rita Ejike; an Igbo lady by tribe. I could possibly pass for a Rita Dominic, facially, and an Omotola Palace, body wise.

I am exceptionally beautiful and I would agree with anyone who said my beauty got into my head. I exited the office building and made my way to the parking lot. I opened the door of my Toyota Corolla and slipped in. I re-fixed my makeup and combed the curly strands of my human hair.

To be candid, I was tired of my singlehood. I am rich. I am running a brilliant side business, and there are huge investments that I put my money into. I am comfortable and I am currently working on my character but still, no man. It is a popular joint located at the heart of Abuja. I am not a fan of Amala. In fact, I rarely eat it. But I had marked down this joint in my book recently. And of course, I had gone through the stress of wearing a bow sleeve midi dress to match with my open toe stiletto.

I was hoping to get at least 6 guys to ask me out. That was my major target. By the time I settled down on one of their leather seats and my order was staring right at me, I knew that I had succeeded in bringing attention to me.

I stared at the beautifully moulded Amala with green soup; which I presumed to be the famous Ewedu with stew on top and assorted meat, and ignored my admirers. I had to appear unconcerned.

My first aim was to try the Ponmo. It looked fried and I intended checking to know just how tasty it was…. I froze. Who could possibly know my name in this restaurant? Was this a sign from God himself that I was in the wrong place? Or, is this the right place? O God, let whoever called be a fine working-class dude in a well-ironed suit. Of course, the good lord always answers my prayers. I looked up to see Kayode Williams march towards my seat with a tray of Amala and soup in his hands.

He was grinning and suddenly I found my cheeks giving way too. He placed his tray on my table and took the opposite seat.

How are you? Dressed in a blue striped blazer, he looked way more exquisite. You may be surprised I know his name. Kayode is a popular guy in our industry. He works in a far better auditing firm in Gwarimpa and is one of the finest eligible bachelors that I know of. He is 6ft, has a cute face, caramel skin, and is a smooth talker.

A few other times though, I was made by my boss to help him with some company files and documentation, despite knowing he works in a different firm? My eyes strayed to the wristwatch latched on his left hand. I almost gasped. It was an Invicta Chronograph green dial watch; quite expensive, unlike my Geneva executive. This is my joint. Come rain or sunshine. He chuckled too. What are you doing here, Omo Ibo? I forgot about my phobia for Yoruba stew, and staining my perfectly manicured nails, I delved into the Amala proper.

I wanted to try something new. But then, it was good, because Kayode bought into my lie. How is work anyways? Please pardon me, but you should know I resigned from my workplace. I nodded in agreement. He had finished his food and was washing his hands now. First off, please, I need your number. And then I was spitting out disgusting morsels of Amala that had already gone down my throat. I was only pretending to Kayode and well, look where my pretence got me now.

I sincerely wished I could roll my eyes, but the Yoruba pepper stew had screwed my brain senseless. I remembered Kayode driving me back to the office. Shola frowned when she saw him help me into our office.

But I was in no mood to answer her silent questions. I spied briefly at some of the documents on her table and I was glad her seriousness had made her finish up with our joint task for the day. Episode 3. Episode 4. Episode 5 the end. He has been a doting husband-to-be. Always taking me out to cinemas and eateries and sometimes we would just sit at Jabi lake talking about life, future and random things while enjoying the cool evening breeze.

Other times, we would just cuddle like lovers do. Things were going really well between us. He even got me a beautiful engagement ring. Trust me to flaunt it on Instagram. On this particular day, the weather was so cool and I had just little work to do.

Thank God; because Shola went home earlier with the excuse that her son was sick and in the hospital.

How to Find a Husband in Abuja

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How To find a husband in Abuja episode 4 I have always loved the aftermath of rainfall. I love the wet smell it produces. But sometimes it can be really annoying, and today is one of those times. But here it is, pouring heavily.

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The words on my system kept turning into scattered letters and the letters were dancing. At least that was what I thought until I was brought back from my thoughts by Shola. It was a Wednesday; two days since the doctor confirmed that I was 3 weeks pregnant. Of course, my first reaction was that of shock, and then after a while, I started to regret the day I met Kayode. I never wanted to end up as a baby mama, not to talk of ending up with a man who looked like he had no plan for the future. His attitude towards me during the past few days was nothing to write home about. He would flare up over little mistakes, he would also talk anyhow.





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Mar 28, - I wasn't happy for her. How could I be happy for our neighbour's last child who was just 23 and getting married? What is this world turning into?








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