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Need girl for goa trip

Once you have checked in to your hotel, freshen up and proceed for a buffet breakfast. The ambiance is really nice and you will have a pleasant time. You can witness the grandeur of historical monuments of Goa on your way. Once you have admired the beautiful structures of Old Goa, you will visit Miramar beach and then proceed to Dona Paula jetty, Panjim to witness the panoramic view of sun set behind the waves. After enjoying a delicious breakfast at the hotel, you will embark on a full day South Goa sightseeing tour. Visit Mangeshi Temple and explore the nearby South Goa beaches.

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OMG! This All Girls Goa Trip was a Trip of a Lifetime!

Author Anna Zhigar. Destinations , Goa , India , Your Stories. I was choosing between Thailand, Vietnam, and India. From the very beginning, I tended to India but my friends were talking me out of this idea. But nothing of the above scared me so I took my friend and we went to Goa. The question which part to choose — Northern or Southern Goa — dropped in a flash, too. We preferred beauty and tranquility of the south to bustle and parties of the north. I will not describe Moscow — Goa flight because it was something unbelievably horrible and if I ever had a desire I could dedicate a whole book to that flight.

My recommendations:. Everything was in green and brown colours: brown rivers, brown trees, brown pavement. Three times. We were interested in what this vacation held for us. And then everything changed drastically. A surprisingly excellent bus with a working conditioner took us to a hotel.

Then we immediately got settled in the hotel, connected to the Internet without any problems and even were served an unplanned lunch. By the way, Colva Kinara hotel exceeded our expectations. We understood that we were going to India and should not count on something really good. We were told that if an Indian hotel has 4 stars, by European standards this would be 2 stars.

In our case, it was a really good 3 stars hotel. Front desk clerk was so well-mannered and qualified that this fact astonished us every day until our departure back to Moscow. In Goa, everything is very beautiful even sheds and abandoned buildings.

We had an impression that we were riding not in Goa but on a rainbow. I wanted only two things: to watch and to take photos. At first, we felt like Rihanna and Beyonce but later we realized that locals persecute all European tourists to take a selfie. They even publish newspapers with such photos! Usually, on the beach, there were few people.

Every shack had its own free sun loungers because Goa beaches are considered to be public property. If you buy just one glass of juice in a shack, you can take a sun lounge there for free and sunbathe on it watching fishers for the whole day. Local Indian women and children will come to you off the reel. Some will sell blings, some will tell that they have nothing to eat. Flora and fauna are amazing in Goa.

We saw elephants, monkeys, cows, turtles and big crabs. We were surprised that some local people treated them worse than tourists. I guess, nothing. Take a taxi or rent a bike and explore the island. It is worth the cost, we saw so many natural beauties. It was interesting to see a movie being filmed on one of the beaches. It was quite boring and even without emotions. What shall I say about local markets and sellers? In a market, you are as if moving between two different worlds.

In the first world sellers glue themselves to you and are ready to go with you kilometers until you pay attention to them. No doubts, we liked the second type more. You can and even should bargain with sellers.

They are ready to bring down the prices because they will sell everything in any case: a great number of tourists go to Goa. Margao market is in a league of its own. We expected that the market would be authentic, fairy, with market stands with spices, fabrics, flavours, tea and coffee. But what we saw hit us like a ton of bricks. To get to the market we had to step over garbage, rats, mashy food and other trash. We were constantly lost and could find an exit because it is very complicating and hard to orientate.

But the market has its peculiar charm and beauty. By the way, close there is a market for local people but few tourists know about it.

Prices are twice lower there in comparison with the prices on the market for tourists. If you find it — you are a lucky dog who will bring home many interesting souvenirs.

We did love Goa. It has an enormous number of beautiful, weird, extraordinary things, colours, tastes and flavours that outweigh all the minor faults happened in the beginning of our trip. We were impressed by beautiful beaches. Even though they are not like in a Bounty advertisement, they still have something beautiful. We were charmed by local people. They are so kind, sympathetic and a bit funny. They had as much fun looking at us as we did looking at them.

Flora and fauna are fantastic in India. Big mansions, small houses, churches, and schools are impressive. Yes, India merits to be visited again. Any destinations on top of your mind when you next visit India? Btw, which country are you in these days? Goa is beautiful place in India. Solo traveler is very enjoying this place.

Because Goa is safe city for tourist. Normally Goa locality is best. The people of Goa help a lot. I read your blog and i like this information. Thanks for sharing this so interesting post! I really want to be thankful for the way you have put it here. Your email address will not be published. My Solo Trip to Goa, India. Read also. November 22, at pm. Katya Klishchuk says:. November 23, at am.

Rahul S. December 8, at am. Steven Ruby says:. April 13, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Join our community to MeetnGreet each other around the world. Sign up now and get an early-member account.

Indian Woman travelling alone to Goa. Need suggestions

Author Anna Zhigar. Destinations , Goa , India , Your Stories. I was choosing between Thailand, Vietnam, and India. From the very beginning, I tended to India but my friends were talking me out of this idea.

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Goa with a dating guide then you have come to the right place. This popular beach town has the best opportunities for picking up single women in India, and some interesting options for your date night.

And, as any engineers on Tripoto would already know, a Goa plan includes:. Now, the first three parts of the plan run rather smoothly; it is actually the fourth part that is tricky. Very-very tricky. Having scraped past an engineering degree, and having gone to Goa for the first time with my engineer friends only, I understand how hard it is for most to even dream of a female company whilst as a greenhorn in a technological institution. And it is always incredibly fascinating to think of having a woman by your side while you are just lazing around on the beach with a Kingfisher in one hand watching the sun drown into the infinite sea in front.

Best Places To Meet Girls In Goa & Dating Guide

I am planning to go to Goa in November. I would be travelling o my own. I've read few positive and negative opinions but I was just wondering if anyone can honestly answer me how safe is there for single girls? Perfectly safe with some obvious precautions. Many solo travellers from all over the world from Nov-march. Goa can suffer from the same problems as any tourist destination but is probably a lot safer than most places, it attracts mainly mature couples and single females from around the world, not lager louts, just take normal common sense precautions and you will be fine in fact you are far more like to be pursued at night by a few dogs or a cow than a male hoping to score or a drunken yob. India and Goa in particular is known for its hospitality and tolerance to new cultures and ways of living, you dont always have to be excessively cautious of locals. There are all types of people like everywhere else in the world. When I travel I get insights and get to know local hang outs from the locals itself and it adds to my knowledge and understanding of the place.

Safety Tips For Solo Female Travel in Goa, India

You are probably in the wrong place to search for your desires and fantasies. This is a travel website where fellow travelers help people with their queries relating to travel. Despo spotted. This is not one of those cheap match making websites. Please use the forum for the purpose it is intended for i.

While sunsets and sunrises are famous, Goa also has a wonderful collection of birds.

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How to Plan a Perfect Solo Trip to Goa (2020)

In fact, Goa is a great place to travel alone whether female or male. I can see why people are nervous though so here are some tips for solo female travel in Goa and safety information. This is what I get asked about most.

A few years ago, I was preparing to take a round-the-world trip by myself, starting off with backpacking Goa in India. Boarding the plane, ticket in hand, my stomach flipped. I was going on a solo trip to Goa. For a month. What was I thinking? Friends had warned me it could be dangerous there as a lone female.

Surviving in Goa, Part 3: Finding Women

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