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Sims 4 girl get girl pregnant

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Tried to get my lesbian Sims pregnant...

The Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of May 15 - Click here for this week's Friday Highlight! Anyone said rocking chairs? Check it out here! September in The Sims 4 General Discussion. Is it possible for my male sim gets a townie girl pregnant? I've never seen any townies pregnant. Quaay Posts: Member. September Someone told me townies couldn't get pregnant so I tried for baby with one and got a call from her saying she thought I'd like to know she gave birth to twins.

Zeldaboy Posts: 5, Member. Yes it is. You get a notification saying a baby was botn. Yes, you can have an active sim impregnate a non-active sim. However, non-active sims will not get pregnant on their own without player intervention or a mod. Lex Posts: Member. My current main sim right now is up to 15 kids, and only one of those was with his spouse they married after he had all of his kids. At the time though, he was living alone and trying to get as many townies as he could preggo. He's only had two sets of twins so far.

SparkleSims Posts: Member. I have a mod that automatically marries and impregnates townies. It's rather amusing. So how can my Sim "meet" his child. Will the baby be in the house if townie Sim lives in the town? What if its a homeless pregnant Sim? Cement Posts: 3, Member. The baby will be in the house if the townie lives in a house. You won't find the baby anywhere until they're a child if they're homeless. They can get ive had johnny zest in pregnant sims around town he has good genes and usally when the babys turn into children they are always coming over to his house to spend time with him.

I've never tried to knock up a townie sim in Sims 4. Maybe I will now I kind of like the idea of a guy NOT knowing they are a dad until the child comes knocks on their door. Beesteenger Posts: Member. Does autoage have to be on for them to give birth? SmilinSims Posts: Member. Thats awesome! SageRainWillow Posts: 1, Member. September edited September My whole town is perpetually pregnant.

Every single family has multiple kids, from various "donors". I do play with mods that make this autonomous The bright side is, my kids always have plenty of friends! StinaA Posts: 1, Member. October I'm gonna use this thread as it is close to what I am curious about Can townies spawn into game pregnant?

Today I was playing Benali guy and during the hijinks festival he asked his fast becoming friend a homeless female townie, who in household management shows her as a single mom of a male child whom he took to the festival, about her due date.

Now I know that if your mischief skill is high enough, level which Benali's mischief level is actually--it becomes one of the prank questions. But her reaction puzzles me. Instead of getting insulted she laughed and I think nodded and a flurry of green flew over both their heads.

I would laugh it off as she just going with the fun, but she looks pregnant. Not just a big girl but pregnant with big outtruding belly. Now, none of my Sims have ever interracted with her, much less impregnated her. I don't have any mods yet except the noculling mod and she looks pregnant.

Would be neat if she is though. I haven't seen any thought bubbles over her head that would indicate a pregnancy but then she and her son is a fairly new spawn in this gameplay. Sign In or Register to comment.

The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to Get Same-Sex Couples Pregnant

Just like in real life, pregnancy is a popular way for Sims to There are many ways to play the game and you don't need to have Sim babies if you don't want to; however, if you plan on playing a legacy game with multiple generations of the same Sim family, you'll probably want to have your Sims trying for babies pretty regularly. It's not just a simple case of engaging in WooHoo - there's pregnancy odds to consider, genders, twins and triplets, where to give birth, as well as considering adoption.

The pregnancy test was negative again. I peed on another one just to make sure. Then I poured myself at least two fingers of Balvenie, curled up on the kitchen floor, and cried.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Close Menu. Watch single girl Kelsey attempt to have babies with different men in this viral Sims sensation! Watch with Prime Start your day free trial.

Sims 4 Pregnancy Cheats

The Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of May 15 - Click here for this week's Friday Highlight! Anyone said rocking chairs? Check it out here! December in The Sims 4 Game Feedback. So, I saw that you can change your Sims gender using the dresser. I had hoped that I could change one of them to male, get the other pregnant and then change back to female.

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Female young adult and adult Sims in The Sims 3 can become pregnant following "Try For Baby" with a young adult or adult male Sim, or might even become pregnant after WooHoo. For a female Sim, becoming pregnant is fairly straightforward: choose the Try for Baby option with an adult male Sim. If the baby try was successful, a lullaby will play after the attempt. There is a chance that Try for Baby won't result in pregnancy, however.

The advanced gender customization box can be found in the upper left corner of the screen when entering Create-a-Sim. Once selected, there will be four new game options for you to customize: Physical Frame, Clothing Preference, Pregnancy, and Toilet Use.

The June update for The Sims 4 added more gender options for Sims. One of those options is if the Sim will be able to be pregnant or be able to impregnate other Sims. With this option same-sex couples will be able to become pregnant and have children with no adoption or mods required!

The Sims 4: How to Have a Baby Boy or Girl (Choose Gender)

The Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of May 15 - Click here for this week's Friday Highlight!

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April - last edited April Ever since the latest patch with the Get To Work expansion, my male Sims get pregnant with their female partners under the Try For Baby option. The female Sims get pregnant too but works as normal. Both get pregnant at the same time. Go to Solution.

The Sims 4: Gender Customization, Same Sex Pregnancy, and Unisex Clothing

Pregnancy is a game mechanic and multiple-day event that begins after a successful " Try for Baby " interaction between two Sims of the opposite sex, and ends with the pregnant female Sim giving birth to one or more newborn babies. Pregnancy brings many physical and lifestyle changes to the pregnant Sim, including increasing body size, faster-decreasing motives , and forced maternity leave from work. Pregnancy was introduced as a game feature in The Sims 2 , and has appeared in each subsequent game. Prior to The Sims 2 , kissing or playing in bed [ TS:LL ] were the only interactions that could result in two Sims having a child - and the player could usually say yes or no to that. If the player said "yes", or was not given that option, a baby would immediately appear, forgoing any pregnancy period.

Only one sim will get pregnant--it's the sim who initiates the interaction in same-sex couples, or the female sim in straight couples. It doesn't affect First, make sure you have Script Mods enabled in your Sims 4 game 16, - 2 posts - ‎1 author.


I Couldn’t Get Pregnant So I Played The Sims 4


question about townie pregnancy






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