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Sims 4 teenage girl room no cc

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: ARTSY Teen Girl's Room (Sims 4 Build)


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The Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of Anyone said rocking chairs? Check it out here! May 8 - A new Friday Highlight full of awesim discussions is ready for you! Next Go. February edited April 7 in The Sims 4 Lots.

Post edited by chealsycat on April 7. One day you will regret. February edited August Post edited by chealsycat on August February Upstairs Dad and Mum's bedroom. Junior Bear's bedroom. Masha Goldilock's bedroom. The hall upstairs. Backyard with the swimming pool. Very nice exterior of the home! The roofing is so very nice! Very nice texture of the home. The layout of the build is very nice! Very nice outdoors areas!

The gnomes look very cute either sides of the front pathway to greet sims when entering the home! It looks nice how you have placed the flowers on the edges of the home. Nice corner gardening nooks for sims to enjoy growing and harvesting plsnts in the garden planters and boxes. The trees with the lights on them look nice. It looks nice how you have used the open shutter windows in the build. The hearts decor look nice on the front exterior of the home.

Very nice curved front porch! The type of textured fencing that you have used for the sides of the build looks nice and suits the type of home.

Very nice layout and furnishing of the interior of the home! The open plan living, dining and kitchen areas looks nice. Nice texture that you have used for the walls. It looks great how you have placed the staircase and have separated off the kitchen area. Nice dining area. The type of dining seats that you have used suit the home, and the tea set is a nice touch on the table top.

Very nice design of the kitchen! It looks nice how you have placed the cabinets there. The island round bar stool counter is nice, and the hanging pots and the condiments on the counter are nice kitchen touches there. Nice corner nook sitting area for sims to enjoy resting watching tv. The blue wall tiling in the bathroom looks nice. Very nice furnishing of the bedrooms! The wall pattern in the master bedroom is nice, and it looks great how you have placed the tree stump table beside the bed.

The print on the wall in Junior Bear's bedroom looks nice. He will enjoy doing artwork on the art table there. It is nice that you have placed a teddy there! The floral wall pattern in Goldilocks room is very pretty! The panda lights look nice on the tree stumps bedside tables. It looks nice how you have placed the animal pictures on the wall. She will enjoy playing the freezer bunny themed guitar. Nice upstairs hallway area. It looks nice how you have placed the various coloured plumbobs on the window shelves and fireplace ledge there.

The heart teddies look cute sitting on the bar counter! Sims will enjoy sitting on the log themed seat in front of the fire, having a drink from the bar. Nice study desk nook area. Sims will enjoy sitting at the desk using the computer or having a read. The blue colour of the walls looks nice. Sims will enjoy playing the violins or doing painting on the easel. Very nice backyard pool, outdoors living and dining area!

Sims will have fun swimming in the pool, or enjoy cooking on the bbq and eating their meal outdoors in the air at the picnic table. Great corner games area for sims to have fun playing horseshoes. Child sims will like using the science table. It great that you have a wood crafting corner for sims to enjoy creating wooden items at the table. Nice campfire area for sims to enjoy sitting around the fire on the log seats, having a chat, singing and roasting food. The flowers in the watering cans look pretty sitting on the stump tables in the front and back outdoors areas of the build.

Sims will have fun dancing outdoors to the music from the gramophone! It is a very nice cottage home! LadyDaKare Posts: Member. Really great job on your first build! Congratz and welcome to the Forum and to your own Showcase Thread. Glad to have you and I am looking forward to many more great creations by you. I really love how you used so many elements from the Outdoor Retreat.

It looks like you are from Russia. I'm assuming this based on the Slavic lettering I saw on the Willow Creek neighborhood picture. I can see it with the snow and the great trees of the Taiga around it. Your landscaping is so well done and of course the whole concept is adorable. Great job on your first build! Again, welcome to the Showcase Thread. Can't wait to see what you make next!

Great build with superb outdoors areas. Love the way you have decorated all the room. Lovely getaway place for the simmies! And I love the nature and the culture of my country. This cottage was build for my fairy tale 3 bears and Masha Goldilocks - the Russian fairy tale is called Masha and 3 bears And it was inspired by Russian architecture of course.

Though I have never tried yet to build any house from real life. It's not easy and I admire people who can do that. You should love the nature and culture of your country. It's beautiful. Nothing beats a hike through the Taiga. My husband is of Russian ancestry we're both American so I know a lot about your country and culture and I find it to be a beautiful and amazing place.

Though, for me personally, Kamchatka is where it's at as far as nature goes. It's truly wild and I love it. Again, great job on your first build and welcome to the Showcase Thread!

Congratulations on 3 Bears cottage being favourited by Maxis! That is great! It is a very nice home! SpunkyBeli Posts: Member. Very nice. I downloaded some carebear costumes today and guess where their going to live?

You are all too good

Everyone knows The Sims series isn't about getting a career, a family and a luridly wallpapered house, it's about putting Sims in swimming pools and then taking the ladder away before watching them breaststroke aimlessly to their deaths. But death is a part of life, as, unfortunately, are slapstick injuries involving hot tubs, hired clowns and lutes. Here's some of the best responses…. I make sure to give him the following traits: likes to be alone, likes art, hates the outdoors. I set him up in a tiny little area with only an easel, a toilet, a refrigerator, a bed, a shower, and a trash bin.

And yes, for the first time I am including a sliding door amongst other options because it just makes sense. Do you still use Sketch Up to draw your models then import them into Blender? Or are you modeling exclusively in Blender?

One of the most difficult rooms to furnish in The Sims 4 is the bedroom. Frustrating as this may seem, there are plenty of ways to keep your builds looking original and innovative without resorting to Custom-Content. I have designed three completely different bedrooms in The Sims 4, all of which are vastly different in style but share the same room size, shape, and bed. Using the right decorations and colour schemes, I wanted to show that it is entirely possible to adapt one bed to whatever theme you feel like! Spending too much time worrying about choosing the perfect combination of bed frames and bed covers?

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Listen to Parent Trapped , our new weekly podcast with stories and tips for getting through the pandemic. Skip to Content. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Parent reviews for The Sims 4. Common Sense says Complex, realistic life simulator includes sexuality, death. Based on our expert review.

22 Best Furniture Mods & CC Packs For Sims 4 Players

A great way to put your stamp on a game like The Sims 4 is to use mods. They allow you to do things not initially intended by the developers of the base game, like adding new hair content, or turning into a vampire. They can be a lot of fun to use, but with there being so many and all it's easy to get overwhelmed. To help you out, we've put together this The Sims 4 Mods Guide.

Looking for a hot guy for your Sim to hook up with? Head to the gallery and download one.

Brittany is an avid Sims fan and has been playing and modding the games since the first Sims title was released in ! One of the best things about the Sims 4 is its free, built-in Gallery. The Sims 4 Gallery is accessible in the game or on the Sims website , and allows players access to over 33 million user-created lots, households, and rooms. With so much choice it can be easy to miss out on some really amazing builds, so I've decided to highlight some of my personal favourite lots from The Sims 4 Gallery; everything from wedding venues, beaches, parks, nightclubs, starter homes, and more!

MY SIMS4 LOTS AND ROOMS *new* - Little Paradise

Tags : base game , craftsman , modern , contemporary , cheap , maxis , maxis-match , maxis match. Sign in Mod The Sims. Remember Me? Don't have an account?

This site will not work without Javascript. This is a Set with 9 Creations - Click here to show all. This is a stylish contemporary teen room for modern Sims. This room is a great choice for children and teenagers. Coming in 3 different variations, this sweet room can fit for both boys and girls, and there is also a black and white variation for modern Sims.

Bedroom Objects - The Sims 4

The Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of Anyone said rocking chairs? Check it out here! May 8 - A new Friday Highlight full of awesim discussions is ready for you! Next Go.

We All love Clare's cc, so if you find any please link the rest of the community below. /category/sims4-makeup-female-skindetails/title/skin-details/id// -female-tattoos/title/crybabies--not-dead-%28full-body-tattoos%29/id//.

The Sims 4 has seen a lot of addons since its release. But it originally took me a bit of getting used to after my original disappointment of the game not being open-world like The Sims 3 although hopefully Sims 5 gives it back. So have fun and get decorating! Check Out This Mod. It just gives you that 90s home vibe that used to be present in most older TV shows and missing from the vanilla Sims 4 game.

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