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Strong woman get tired

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6 Reasons Why A Strong Woman Is Emotionally Tired

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For way too long, you've been too strong for everyone around you. But every day chips away a little bit of your emotional resilience. As you cross milestones in your life and make lives easier for the people around you, you forget to listen to the inner-voice inside you, telling you to stop and take a break.

The people that everyone you know counts on is you. There might be so many shoes for you to fill in a day — a sister, a mother, a colleague, a daughter, a friend, a neighbor and maybe even the stranger who offers a helping hand to someone desperately in need. Despite being so many things for so many people, you always try your best to give everyone your undivided attention. But the only person you forget to attend to is yourself.

You allow yourself to get lost in all the relationships you have with others, but you let the relationship with yourself take a backseat. There might have been times when your kindness was taken for granted, or someone misjudged you and took it as a sign of weakness. And those were the lessons that taught you not to trust everyone around you. But sometimes you let that get in the way of truly letting people in on your feelings.

While you easily relate to people, they are unable to see past the strong face you put because you rarely let your guard down in front of people. Perfection anywhere and everywhere is what you strive for.

Sometimes this makes you be too hard on yourself. Even when somebody gives you a compliment or congratulates you, you might just brush it off and say it was sheer luck. Learn to take compliments because you deserve them, you worked for them. And most importantly, go easy on yourself once in a while. Your children, your partner, and your friends love you just the way you are.

And your colleagues are well aware of the value you add to the team. So cut yourself some slack and get rid of the superwoman syndrome. People always see how efficient and prompt you are.

You never miss a deadline, you make sure your children reach soccer practice and music lessons, your presentations at work are on point, and you still manage to plan out something special for your partner every once in a while. You make it look so easy for everyone else, but being on top of your game for every single minute of every single day adds so much pressure on you.

You take pride in being able to handle things on your own and you rarely ask people for help. When you pile on so much work on yourself, it can hamper your sleep pattern, throw your appetite for a toss and make you feel fatigued. You too need a way of unloading your stress, rather than allowing it all to build inside you until you feel emotionally drained.

Remember that you need to allow yourself to blow off some steam just like anyone else. There are moments when you feel weak. But you smile through your doubts and laugh away your pain.

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I Am Strong, But My Soul Is Exhausted

For way too long, you've been too strong for everyone around you. But every day chips away a little bit of your emotional resilience. As you cross milestones in your life and make lives easier for the people around you, you forget to listen to the inner-voice inside you, telling you to stop and take a break.

She is an iron-willed, brave, independent and passionate woman who seems like she has everything figured out. The type of woman who proudly wears her glistening smile and goes about her day, like nothing ever happened.

Women are tired We are strong and we are sure as hell graceful And even when we are not graceful We are allowed to not be. To not be all these characteristics attached to the identity of what HE thinks makes a woman, a woman We are tired Do not mistaken this for submissive But sometimes we are strong for too long We are strong carried over from another lifetime From our sisters, our mothers, our friends, our grandmothers We are strong until our last days We are strong But we are so tired We are multifaceted human beings We can be wild We can be sexy We can be loud We can be outspoken We can be witty We can be all of these things when we choose to be When it is true to us And we have every fucking right to be You, man, have no right to harm the essence of a woman. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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I love to remind you how strong and courageous you are. I choose these adjectives for two reasons: 1 I know they are true about you and 2 this disease tries — and sometimes succeeds — at making us feel weak and helpless. I almost always confront the situation or person. When I see injustice, I speak up especially for my kids. But every now and then, I see a really soft, tender-hearted person who dares to be vulnerable and I get jealous that was embarrassing to admit. I am thinking of a certain woman whom I went to dinner with. During the entire dinner, she was soft-spoken. She was a wonderful listener and only contributed when she had something of value to add to the conversation. She was petite and tender. Even her soft, pastel clothing was innocent-looking.

I am a (needy, tired, sick) Strong Woman

I am exhausted yes, this tiredness is beyond physiological tiredness. I am tired of being strong. I am tired of trying to put on that smile on my face every day of a strong woman and be the Super Woman for anyone and everyone. Suddenly I sit here, tight in the chest, feeling lost and unsure where to look for direction. I spent too long denying my own feelings and now I feel like I am the one who is unravelling.

A strong woman is always taking care of people around her, and sometimes she fails to take care of herself, first.

I have been sick since March. It started with an infection that has lead to three surgeries, with at least one more on the way. The house for which we had packed our belongings and listed our home.

6 Reasons Why A Strong Woman Is Emotionally Exhausted

A fierce and strong woman is typically someone who makes life look so easy and simple. She is someone who a lot of people tend to look up to. She is someone who inspires and motivates others to always live life to the fullest.

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Even a strong woman gets tired


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Sometimes Even The Strongest Women Get Tired Of Being So Strong







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