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Tell me baby girl cause i need to know

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Constipation in Babies: Signs, Causes, and Cures

If your newborn is having difficulty pooping, she could be constipated. Find out what to look for and how to help. As new parents, you will always be looking for your baby's next smile, laugh, and coo—little reassurances that your baby is happy and healthy and that everything is okay.

Poop, although not nearly as pleasant, is another thing parents should monitor. When your baby is pooping regularly, it's likely a sign that she's taking in enough food and disposing of the rest, says Jennifer Shu, M. So it's understandable that the absence of poop can be a cause for concern. When you think it might be constipation, consider the following. It's important to note that babies' poop schedules can swing on both sides of the spectrum.

Some exclusively breastfed babies poop after every meal; others have been known to hold out for a week or longer, Dr. Shu says. Rather than liquidy, seedy, pasty stools, the constipated baby's stool will be more like little clay balls," says Jane Morton, M. Formula-fed babies can be all over the map, too. And when solid foods enter the picture, parents should be prepared for the frequency, form, and color to change again.

But as a frame of reference, babies 0 to 4 months of age poop on average three to four times a day, and after the introduction of solid foods, that reduces to approximately one bowel movement per day. Parents often suspect constipation when there is a prolonged absence of poop.

This can definitely be a sign of constipation. If a baby is not having at least several bright, yellow not dark brown or green poops on Day 5 of life, something could be wrong, regardless of whether he's on breast milk or formula, Dr.

Morton says. This usually has to do with the baby not getting enough to eat. But frequency is not the only clue. It could be constipation if your baby's poop is hard or difficult to pass. Harder poops can stretch the anal walls a bit, which causes bleeding and a small streak of bright-red blood in the stool. If your baby is making straining faces and if her antics are coupled with a firm belly that's painful to the touch, her intestines could be backed up.

Your baby could also have constipation if she refuses to eat. If nothing's coming out, a baby might feel so uncomfortable that she won't take anymore in, Dr. Although it's rare for a baby on an all-liquid diet to experience constipation, it can happen. Exclusively formula-fed babies are much more likely to have trouble from constipation, Dr. Formula can firm up poop much more than breast milk can, Dr.

Shu adds. If your baby has a milk-protein allergy or intolerance, she could end up constipated. A milk-based formula could cause this, as well as the dairy in mom's diet that's passed through the breast milk. This also carries over to any other kinds of dairy an older baby could consume, such as yogurt and cheese.

When a baby is around 6 months, pediatricians often give parents the green light to offer an array of baby food. What your baby eats will largely determine the kind of poop you can expect, Dr. And many different foods could contribute to constipation. Start by considering your ABCs—applesauce, bananas, and cereal, Dr.

Too much of any of these, especially rice cereal, can get you into trouble. When you start introducing table foods, it might be even harder to pinpoint the constipation culprit. A change in formula or in Mom's diet could help combat constipation in formula and breastfed babies, respectively.

Solid foods, which are often the cause of constipation , can also be the cure, Dr. Several kinds of fruits and veggies, such as pears and broccoli, can get things back on track, along with fruit juice and water. When a change in diet isn't doing the trick, talk to your pediatrician before employing other methods. The doctor might suggest rectal stimulation with the use of a cotton swab or rectal thermometer. This usually produces a bowel movement within several minutes of stimulation, Dr.

Another possible is a glycerin suppository. If it works, it could take about an hour to produce a poop, Dr. Other suggestions may include Miralax, a tasteless powder you can mix into a drink; senna, a natural vegetable laxative; and lactulose, a synthetic sugar used for treating constipation.

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I Need to Know (Marc Anthony song)

If your newborn is having difficulty pooping, she could be constipated. Find out what to look for and how to help. As new parents, you will always be looking for your baby's next smile, laugh, and coo—little reassurances that your baby is happy and healthy and that everything is okay.

Your infant may have one or more marks, spots, or bumps on their skin that you notice after childbirth or months later. This may be a birthmark or mole, both of which are common in babies.

Read full review. Doctor, businesswoman and writer, Miriam Stoppard spent seven years practising medicine and specialising in dermatology before she entered the pharmaceutical industry eventually holding the posts of Research Director and Managing Director for US multi-national. Later she developed a career in television which lead to her hosting her own medical shows on ITV for nearly 15 years as well as breakfast TV and many guest slots. To date Miriam has published more than eighty books on conception, pregnancy and birth, child care and development, and women's health. Accumulating to more than 25M books sales, in 35 countries, translated into 37 languages.

Find song by lyrics

In this article: What is a fever for baby? What to do if baby has a fever Baby fever: when to call the doctor. First, knowing what is a fever for a baby is key: One key baby fever warning sign is heat. Take all of these signs of fever in a newborn very seriously, because in a baby 3 months or younger, any sign of temperature could be a red flag. Keep an eye out for the following signs of fever in a newborn:. Even with all the fancy forehead, ear and under-the-arm thermometers on the market—check out our comprehensive guide! Then remove it carefully and take the reading. Fever in babies can sometimes seem to come out of nowhere, but generally speaking, what causes baby fever tends to be very specific. Anything from a urinary tract infection, ear infection or another more generalized infection can be the cause.

Dehydration in Newborns and Infants

It was released as the lead single from the album on August 15, Written and produced by Anthony and Cory Rooney , "I Need to Know" is a song about a man who longs to know how a woman feels about him. Upon its release, "I Need to Know" received mostly positive reviews from music critics and was praised for its production and choice of musical styles. Both versions of the song won an American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers award in the pop category.

Dehydration is a condition where there are not enough fluids in the body.

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Cause of death for newborn baby girl found in Saskatoon recycling bin still unknown

It may take several months to learn the cause of death after an infant was found inside a recycling bin, according to Saskatoon police. The infant was found in an alley in the block of 5th Avenue North. An autopsy was completed on Nov.

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What You Need to Know About a Mole on Your Baby


May 30, - Your doctor can examine your infant's skin to diagnose a birthmark or mole. In general, moles are not a cause for concern, but some may need to.








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